Smoke Machine Accessories

Smoke Machine Accessories
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Automotive Standard
Automotive Standard Tru-Flate Air Inlet Fitting: 1/4" MPT * This item installed as air inlet..
Cap Plug Set
The yellow cap plug set consists of 20 cap plugs ranging from 1/8 var sc_project=4085982; v..
EVAP Service Port Kit: 96-0003
The service port adaptor connects to the OBD ll service port to allow access to the EVAP system. A S..
Exhaust Cone Adaptor
The exhaust cone adaptor fits into the tailpipe to seal the pipe and allow smoke to enter the exhaus..
Extended Accessory Kit
This kit is designed to increase the flexibility of any smoke machine. It includes an extra exhaust ..
Halogen Inspection Light:
This 12 volt halogen lamp is designed for automotive use and is very important in spotting leaks. It..
Industrial Style Air Inlet Fitting:
Industrial Style Air Inlet Fitting: If you have this style air fitting in your shop, you may wa..
Inline Air Pressure Regulator Assembly:
This custom made regulator has been designed for use in the inlet air supply of the Smoke Pro..
NEW SCENTED Smoke Producing Fluid:
Mineral Oil USP or NF, white medicinal (common baby oil) or Food grade Type H1 with our Redline form..
Pressure Gauge
The Pressure Gauge is a 21/2" dual scale instrument. Full range is 0 to 30" water column or 0 to 1.1..
Redline 96-0010 Extension Hose
Redline 96-0010 Extension Hose ..
Redline Detection Smoke Machine Complete Accessory Kit
The complete kit includes; Exhaust Cone Adaptor, Cap Plug Set, EVAP Service Port Adaptor w/Schrader ..
Replacement Bulb
For Halogen Lamp This is a common bulb available at most home improvement centers. Type MR-16,..
Universal Filler Neck Connector:
Universal Filler Neck Connector: Quickly connect to ANY filler neck. Works with all Smoke Machin..
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